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Boston Grandparents' Rights Attorney

Massachusetts Child Custody Lawyer

Disputes between parents, in-laws and other family members can get in the way of spending time with grandchildren. The grandparents are left on the sidelines and in Massachusetts are not automatically guaranteed access to their grandchildren. Grandparents have few rights; it's important to have a skilled advocate who can help you enforce those that you do have.

When Grandparents Have Rights

At The Massachusetts Family Law Group, our attorneys are able to advocate for grandparents when:

  • Grandparents fear for the welfare of their grandchild because of negligent behavior of the parents.
  • Grandparents seek visitation with a grandchild. Our attorneys have successfully advocated for visitation in numerous instances.
  • The welfare and bests interests of the child would be served by awarding custody to grandparents who have an established nurturing relationship with him or her.

We take the time to educate grandparents about their rights in situations such as these. Although grandparents are primary legal caregivers to five million minor grandchildren in the United States, this is usually viewed by family courts as the best alternative only when both of the parents are unavailable because they are sick, addicted or abusive. We help grandparents by listening carefully to their descriptions of the circumstances in which their grandchildren are living and develop a plan of action that seeks the best outcome for them.

When it Comes to Grandparents Rights, Every Court and Judge is a Little Bit Different

There are almost 20 different divorce and family law courtrooms in Massachusetts. Because each courthouse and judge operates slightly differently from the others, it is important to have an attorney who understands these differences. The attorneys at our Norwood and offices have handled many grandparent cases in the Eastern Massachusetts counties of Essex, Norfolk, Sussex and Middlesex. We appear in these courtrooms almost every day and are familiar faces to the Family Services officers, judicial case workers, and judges.

Our Record Speaks for Itself

With more than 40 years of combined experience and an ability to truly hear our clients, our attorneys are advocates who care about the outcome of each case. We are also straightforward; if we believe, after evaluating your situation, that you have no case, you can depend on us to tell you exactly that. These are a few of the reasons that we are known by some as "the most sought-after divorce attorneys in Massachusetts." Our focus is on aggressive representation in the toughest types of cases, including cases involving grandparents seeking custody or visitation.

For more information, call a Boston grandparents' rights lawyer at (800) 763-1030 or send an e-mail to schedule a free initial consultation. We represent clients from Newton, Gloucester, Peabody, Weymouth and throughout the Boston area.

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