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Is There a Summer Divorce Spike?

Most people associate summer with beautiful weather and time to enjoy the outdoors. What people may not realize is that the season also frequently brings more divorce filings. Why would such a normally pleasant time of year be the season many couples choose to split? According to Lucas , Lead Attorney of the The Law Group, P.C., there are a variety of factors that come into play causing an increase in summer divorce filings.

First, children are off from school. For parents concerned with the shock of divorce interfering with their children's school work, summer provides the necessary time for the family to work through the transition. Parents can have child custody arrangements and parenting plans established before the new school year begins.

Summer vacations, normally providing valuable time for families to be together, may instead highlight discord between couples. Extended time together may make one or both spouses realize they do not truly enjoy one another's company and are not in love. Similarly, children leaving for college may make empty nesters come to the conclusion they no longer have much in common, and it is time to part ways.

The steamy summer weather is another factor that may contribute to a spike in summer divorce filings. When the weather is hot people are more likely to get into arguments and tempers may fly. Temptation also increases with more skin being shown and people frequently spending time outside and away from home.

If you are facing a divorce this summer contact an experienced family law attorney. A divorce lawyer can advise you of your rights and advocate on your behalf.

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