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Stay-at-Home Dads & Divorce in Massachusetts

Historically, tradition once told us that men should be the primary breadwinners of the household. Today, however, this belief is far from reality. Families are weighing their options and more and more fathers are choosing to stay home with their children or working part-time jobs to spend more time raising their children. These are typically joint decisions made by both the father and the mother, who has a more stable or higher-paying job.

Unfortunately, when a marriage ends, stay-at-home dads may have an uphill battle to fight when it comes to custody and alimony. Typically, when a father and a stay-at-home mother divorce, it is the mom who gets primary custody and receives alimony from the father, enabling her and the children to continue living the lifestyle they were accustomed to. Why should it be any different when the roles are reversed?

Advocating for Fathers During Divorce

At The Massachusetts Family Law Group, our attorneys advocate for fathers' rights. We know that just because you stayed at home with your children doesn't mean you were not a good father. In fact, it shows that you are a great parent who cares about the best interests of your children. We will illustrate this to the judge, exposing the true circumstances of your situation and squelching any presumptions and biases.

If you have questions about divorce for stay-at-home dads, contact our lawyers online or call the firm in Boston toll free at (800) 763-1030. We offer free, no-obligation consultations. Many fathers come to us after realizing that they were not receiving the advocacy they needed in issues related to paternity and custody.

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