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May 2014 Archives

Mediation and Child Custody

Many children shuttle back and forth between parental homes after divorce. However, just because it's a common phenomenon doesn't mean that it's easy. A recent blog in the Huffington Post details some of the ways that parents can work together to come up with the best schedules for child custody/co-parenting.

Same-sex marriage advocates shift to South and Mountain states

After winning the right to marry in Massachusetts, advocates of same-sex marriage are beginning a major effort to obtain basic civil rights is Southern and Western states, where there is no right of gays and lesbians to marry (or divorce if married in a state where same-sex marriage is allowed). 

Changes in Massachusetts child custody law could promote shared parenting

Many people believe that shared parenting is the norm these days in Massachusetts. However, that turns out to be true in only 15 percent of divorces. In the other 85 percent of cases, the court orders limited hours with one parent - usually the father when issuing child custody orders.

Survival tips for women after divorce

An article in the Huffington Post says it all: "If you are a divorced, single mom who works, more than likely you are stressed out and exhausted." Single moms are multi-taskers, problem solvers and caregivers, all rolled into one. In order to accomplish everything, many divorced mothers don't sleep much.

Child support, artificial insemination and Massachusetts law

Issues related to parenting, child custody and child support are front and center for same-sex divorcing couples, especially among those who have employed surrogacy or in vitro fertilization to conceive children. However, questions related to these processes are also a concern to heterosexual parents when determining matters such as a child custody and child support during divorce.