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Child Custody Archives

Child kidnapping and child custody

This blog discusses a difficult subject, child kidnapping by a parent. Few kidnappings are stranger kidnappings along the lines of the famous Lindbergh baby kidnapping in 1920s New Jersey. Rather, they are often the result of a bitter divorce, child custody battle or paternity lawsuit gone horribly wrong. Stranger kidnappings represent far less than one percent of all incidents; of the approximately 260,000 abductions reported each year, only 115 of them were found to be stranger kidnappings.

Statistics about child custody and child support

Readers of this blog and other media know that child custody is one of the most hotly contested areas of divorce when couples have children. But what are the results of the lengthy and expensive trials, hurt feelings and confused children? Some nation-wide statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau tell the story.

Child custody and parental disability: Changes needed

A recent blog in the Huffington Post discusses an important issue in divorce and child custody - the disability of a parent. Even though you are living with your disability, even to the extent that you do not think you are disabled, what about the judge who looks at your file or sees you in a wheelchair?

Before divorce is final, keep new boyfriend a secret

An advice column in the Boston Herald recently provided the following answer to a frequently asked question. The reader asked whether she should introduce her new boyfriend to her children, and maybe invite him to move in, before her divorce was final . She had been married to an abusive man for years and is now seeking alimony, child support and sole legal and physical child custody.

Celebrity Child Custody Battle Raises Important Issues

Celebrity divorce and child custody battles often seem petty, unnecessarily expensive, and bad for any children involved. However, one recent custody dispute raises interesting issues about artificial insemination and the validity of informal agreements relating to legal matters.

Mediation and Child Custody

Many children shuttle back and forth between parental homes after divorce. However, just because it's a common phenomenon doesn't mean that it's easy. A recent blog in the Huffington Post details some of the ways that parents can work together to come up with the best schedules for child custody/co-parenting.

Changes in Massachusetts child custody law could promote shared parenting

Many people believe that shared parenting is the norm these days in Massachusetts. However, that turns out to be true in only 15 percent of divorces. In the other 85 percent of cases, the court orders limited hours with one parent - usually the father when issuing child custody orders.