Child Custody

Massachusetts Child Custody Issues

Child custody is one of the biggest issues in many divorces. Parents can get very bogged down and fight about very small details such as precise pickup times or pre-determined number of homework hours that must be completed. At  Law Group, P.C., our lawyers are dedicated to protecting children. We work with parents to ensure that child custody decisions are in the best interests of the children.

Our Family Law Attorneys Know What You're Facing

When it comes to children and divorce, our attorneys know what you're going through. Several of our lawyers are divorced parents themselves, and they understand the emotional issues that inevitably arise when try to resolve knotty problems involving child custody. Who gets the children at Thanksgiving? Should grandparents be involved? What if one parent's work schedule changes? Not only do the members of our legal team understand the emotional issues, but we know the law. That puts us in an excellent position to advise you effectively about your options while making sure your kids escape divorce-related problems as much as possible.

Our approach to handling child custody cases is that we try to settle issues first. There is a science to negotiation, and our attorneys are skilled negotiators. But when the other side won't cooperate, we're prepared with our team of experts - private investigators, psychologists and child custody evaluators. We have become especially skilled in proving matters of parental alienation and discovering other facts your spouse would prefer to keep hidden.

Issues in Child Custody

Some of the child custody issues that we advise parents about include:

We also offer parents resources to help them help their children during custody battles and divorce generally. We provide lists of books and tapes and can refer families to counseling. In short, we do whatever we can to help clients shield their kids from the consequences of divorce and custody issues.

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