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June 2014 Archives

Cycle of domestic violence ends in death for Brockton woman

The intersection of divorce and domestic violence is always sad. Sometimes it is tragic, as in the case of a Brockton woman who was allegedly killed by her estranged husband. The woman's story, unfortunately, illustrates perfectly how difficult it is for many victims of domestic violence to get free of an abusive relationship.

Why women stray

Although adultery is seldom used as a reason for divorce in Massachusetts, the law prohibiting infidelity is still on the books. A blogger at the Huffington Post has listed five reasons that women use to justify having an affair - a circumstances that frequently lead to divorce, even though in many instances divorce is not really what women want.

What is covered by child support in Massachusetts?

Don't sign a child support agreement until you understand clearly the expenses that child support is supposed to cover in Massachusetts. In this state, child support is just that - support. It is intended to cover food, clothing and toiletries, and shelter. Anything else depends on whether a judge determines that they represent a child's best interests.

Before divorce is final, keep new boyfriend a secret

An advice column in the Boston Herald recently provided the following answer to a frequently asked question. The reader asked whether she should introduce her new boyfriend to her children, and maybe invite him to move in, before her divorce was final . She had been married to an abusive man for years and is now seeking alimony, child support and sole legal and physical child custody.

Financial issues facing divorcing Massachusetts couples

One of the most worrisome factors for divorcing Massachusetts couples is the fear that one's standard of living will shift dramatically downward. As the saying goes,"two can live as cheaply as one," but maintaining two households with two sets of bills definitely costs more money each month.

Celebrity Child Custody Battle Raises Important Issues

Celebrity divorce and child custody battles often seem petty, unnecessarily expensive, and bad for any children involved. However, one recent custody dispute raises interesting issues about artificial insemination and the validity of informal agreements relating to legal matters.

Divorce FAQ, Part 2

In our previous post, we listed some common questions about divorce.  In this post, we summarize the answers provided on the website of the Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries.