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March 2014 Archives

When older parents divorce, part 1

When older couples in Massachusetts divorce, often those most affected are their adult children. Being the child of divorce that occurs when you are an adult is not like being a school-age child. There is grief, and parents are not usually very helpful. In fact, they may have postponed their breakup until they thought it would no longer affect their children.

Proposed change to divorce law makes sex illegal

If you thought that the nanny state could not get any odder, think again. A bill pending in the Massachusetts State Senate requests a change in the Commonwealth's divorce laws that would make having sex at home illegal while a divorce is underway if there are children in the home. It includes the time period between the approval of the separation agreement and the issue of a final decree, currently 120 days later.

Child custody laws should focus on what's best for kids

When it comes to child custody, many parents are so caught up in their personal battle that they never take the time to consider the kids who are involved. This is a big mistake on behalf of the parents, as any children should be put above everything else.

Same-sex marriage and divorce face mixed legal landscape

Since Massachusetts stopped prohibiting same-sex marriage 10 years ago, the picture around same-sex marriage and divorce has become more complicated. This blog has reported about same-sex couples married in states where gay marriage is legal who cannot get divorced in their home states.