Divorce Worksheets

Divorce forces people to think about their financial needs, their futures and the futures of their children. If you are contemplating divorce, you are entering a complex and emotionally difficult process. At Law Group, P.C., you will work with a team of knowledgeable and compassionate lawyers and experts who will help you sort through the legal, practical and emotional components of divorce. Together, we will create an approach to your divorce based on your specific needs and goals.

To prepare yourself for common issues relating to property division, financial matters, and children, our law firm offers the following worksheets:

  • Childcare Checklist
  • Child Visitation Record
  • Documents To Obtain
  • Checklist For Hiring a Divorce Lawyer
  • Children’s Expenses
  • Holiday & Vacation Schedule
  • In a Divorce, Who Gets What?
  • Income and Asset Analysis
  • Financial Records You May Need

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