The true measure of our success is whether, at the end of a case, our client is happy that they chose us to help them in the first place. We are proud to let the words of our clients speak for themselves.

“You handled my custody case for my daughter (several years ago) …. Gaining custody was the best thing as that enabled my daughter to stay here in Massachusetts, flourish in high school and she just started as a freshman (in college). I just wanted to thank you for your and your team’s effort in presenting my case to the court(s).”
A. Khan

“I felt confident with (her) on my side, she was always professional and well spoken… (She) answered all my questions and explained everything to me in a way I could easily understand”
Kerry M., Acton, MA

“She’s efficient and effective. She promptly returned calls and answered questions I’d recommend her for friends and family.”
Anas H., Wakefield, MA

Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for making me the first divorced man in Massachusetts that didn’t feel like he got completely raked over the coals by the legal system.
– Elijah K.

I told him you were the best

“I referred a Verizon co-worker to you that works in Boston. He is going thru a divorce and I told him you were the best. I think of you often. Without you, I wouldn’t be here.”


Rigorous cross-examination

“Leading up to the trial my ex-wife attempted to paint herself as a victim with a slew of unsubstantiated lies. My attorney skilfully demonstrated thru rigorous cross-examination that my ex is a very angry person who is in fact herself a liar. The Judge demonstrated his understanding and agreement of this through his Decision and Final Judgment of the case which I felt was quite fair.”


A client since 2010

“Since 2010, I have been very pleased with my attorney and her excellent representation and performance. I always feel that she is looking out for my best interest, goes above and beyond at every task that is required, and that she is very knowledgeable and confident in the court room. She makes everything so easy and I am very grateful.”


You fought for me

“(My attorney) fought for me. She was tough and I was very glad that she was on my side.”


Worth every penny!

“I interviewed many attorneys for my divorce case and knew I made the right decision the moment I spoke with my attorney from your firm. She focused on what was best for my child, and answered all my questions without hesitation. Her confidence gave me the comfort I needed. My attorney was enthusiastic about my case and always returned my phone calls quickly, day or night. She was worth every penny!”


No more alimony!

“Thanks to both of you for representing me in my attempt to end my alimony payments. Both my new wife and I left with a good feeling that we did everything we could and were well represented. Regardless of the judge’s decision, I don’t know what else we could have done.


I wish I had found you a long, long time ago!

What we accomplished in Worcester is fantastic. Almost 20 years later, I can finally stop paying all of this alimony. Lucas, I wish I had found you a long, long time ago!

– T.W.

Words cannot do the job of thanking you

You stood behind me during the most difficult time of my life. Words cannot do the job of thanking you for what we have accomplished.


Lucas truly cared about my case

Attorney kept me focused. He reminded me that divorce, while filled with emotions, is a business matter that must be resolved. Lucas truly cared about my case and not his wallet.


I feel my voice has been heard

Thank you for standing-up to my husband. After 40 years of marriage, I feel my voice has been heard.


You were right

After a long two years, it is finally over. You were right … I got the house, I got the kids, and I’m getting the support from my ex-husband that you expected ($25 a week less, but we did it!)


I am so glad you were with me every step

My wife had a lawyer and fired him. She tried to do it on her own. It never worked. I am so glad you were with me every step. Both of the children are finally in a good environment. I will never forget the things you said to me and how I’m a better person from all of this.


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