Clarissa Wright

Senior Attorney

If you have a case that has the demands or pressures of financial support – whether it is child support or alimony – you want an attorney who has the ability to get the job done. Look no further than Clarissa Wright. Clarissa has the experience and know-how to work on both sides of the support argument. Backed by a law firm that handles more child support and alimony cases than any other firm in Massachusetts, men and women gain the “home court advantage” when retaining Attorney Wright.

You simply won’t find another divorce, paternity, or child custody attorney who is in as many different courts in Worcester and Western Massachusetts as Clarissa is. You can count on her knowing the family law judges, the courtroom personnel, and even your spouse’s lawyer. These connections will speed up your divorce and make things run more smoothly.

Does that mean we Clarissa litigates every family law case? No. However, she does prepare each case as if it is going to trial. She, and each of the other lawyers in our Firm believes the preparation and willingness to go to court leads to more favorable settlement offers.

Interestingly enough, almost half of Clarissa Wright’s new cases come from men and women who contact her in the middle of their case seeking to make a change from their current attorney. Given Clarissa’s ability to put a fresh perspective or new set of arguments to a case often gets cases resolved quicker. There is no reason you should be concerned about changing your attorney. It is a business. It is a personal choice. The prior attorney (whoever he or she is) has already heard of our law firm and has likely experienced a similar change midstream.

Throughout Western Massachusetts, and especially in Hampden County, self-represented spouses frequently realize that judges hold pro se litigants to the same standards as attorneys. Additionally, family law attorneys are not known for putting on kid gloves and educating the opposing party on legal matters. Recognizing that they’ve gotten in over their head, Clarissa is a frequent choice when men and women retain legal counsel midstream through a family law matter.
Clarissa Wright earned her undergraduate degree at Clark Atlanta University and her Juris Doctorate Degree from Western New England School of Law in Springfield.