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Legal Fees at Law Group, P.C.

The cost of getting divorced may be a roadblock for some people, especially in tough economic times. At Law Group, P.C., we go out of our way to provide a variety of payment options for people so they can obtain the legal services they need. One of these options is flat-fee divorce.

The biggest mistake you could make is to handle your own paternity, divorce, or support case with the hope of saving money. The Family Court is full of hidden dangers and is not the place to experiment. Action in court is fast, furious, and the stakes are high. Court orders have long-term serious consequences, and can turn lives upside down. The long-term costs of doing it yourself could be huge.

Flat-fee divorce isn’t for everyone, so our lawyers also make sure that clients understand the consequences of financial decisions so they can keep fees as low as possible. After all, divorce is expensive for everyone. It often includes maintaining two homes, paying child support and alimony and dividing property. You don’t need the extra burden of paying an attorney exorbitant fees. Our attorneys work with clients to keep costs reasonable.

Variables in Legal Fees

Legal fees depend on the complexity of your case. If you have significant assets, complicated property holdings, a business or serious disagreements with your spouse about important issues such as child custody, your divorce will cost more. If you have not been married for a long time, have no children and not much property, your divorce will cost less. We make sure our clients understand how they can avoid overpaying for a divorce.

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