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Boston-Area Family Law Attorneys

Sometimes called “the most sought-after divorce lawyers” in Massachusetts, the family law attorneys at Law Group, P.C. know what we’re doing. We know what to expect. You can be rest assured that there isn’t much that we haven’t seen.

Each of the attorneys is focused on providing results-driven advocacy to clients and families throughout Eastern Massachusetts, including Greater Boston and the North Shore region.

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As a group, our experienced Massachusetts divorce attorneys have handled divorce cases before just about every Massachusetts Probate and Family Court judge. We are aggressive, familiar with your specific courthouse and not intimidated by opposing counsel. We offer personal attention, local attorneys who are assigned to specific courthouses, free initial consultations and very reasonable rates.

We can “out lawyer” the competition. We have more more than a dozen trial attorneys in court most days in the Boston-area Probate and Family Courts. With that much experience, we know what we are doing; we know what to expect; and rest assured, we have seen it all, and we’ve prevailed in cases just like yours.

If you want to interview different attorneys, come watch us in court. Talk to our clients and former clients. From busy entrepreneurs to full-time moms and architects, accountants, advertising executives, bank tellers, bartenders, cooks, engineers, loan officers, parking enforcement workers, real estate brokers, and surgeons … we get results for our clients!

For a no-obligation consultation at one of our convenient offices, call 800-851-7724 or e-mail us. We are strong advocates for clients throughout Eastern Massachusetts, including those in Everett, Weymouth and Peabody.