Weekend Divorce Lawyer

Weekend Appointments with Boston Divorce Lawyers

Legal issues can be complex. Whether it’s divorce or custody, bankruptcy – even a personal injury matter – it is understandable how difficult it can become to make room in your busy schedule to meet with an attorney.

That’s why our Massachusetts divorce law firm is dedicated to helping you with convenient weekend appointments.

Don’t handle any legal matter on your own

For some people, it becomes easier to simply put off meeting with an attorney than it is to find one that fits your busy schedule…that’s why our lawyers meet with clients on Saturdays and Sundays.

When the demands of a busy schedule get in the way of what’s best, our attorneys are here to help. Our offices aren’t normally open 24/7, so you need to call or contact us to set-up a time to meet with one of our attorneys.

If you are planning a divorce , in the middle of a contested divorce, or you simply want to meet an attorney and miss the least amount of work possible, call 800-851-7724 or use our online form to contact us for an appointment at one of our local offices or conference centers.


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