Our Network of Experts

Our Network of Experts

Focused Divorce Advice From World-Class Specialists

In addition to our skilled and experienced family attorneys, Law Group, P.C. has a network of experts and specialists that we rely on for specialized knowledge and court testimony when needed. Clients can be assured that whether they are involved in a complex contested divorce, a custody battle or a paternity suit, our law firm has the resources to identify all the relevant issues and evaluate your situation correctly.

At Law Group, P.C., our lawyers know that a single attorney cannot have in-depth knowledge in all aspects of Massachusetts divorce and family law. That’s why we team with subject matter experts with years of experience in Massachusetts. We rely on specialists to protect your investments, reach equitable distribution settlements, and preserve the best interest of your children.

Clients who retain us are not only represented by one of our family law attorneys, but they also gain the support and intellectual capital of an entire group of family law experts at no additional cost as well as our network of specialists.

Put Our Experience to Work for You

We have more than more than 100 years of combined courtroom experience. This means that we understand how to effectively use experts in court. It also means that we can anticipate how judges and other attorneys will respond to particular expert witnesses because we have worked in that courtroom many times before.

Experts in Every Field Who Add Value to Your Case

To ensure that your case gets the individualized attention it deserves, Law Group, P.C. routinely teams with the following experts:

  • Vocational experts who help testify in cases involving under-employed spouses
  • Psychologists, guardian ad litems, and child custody evaluators who have experience working in Massachusetts before specific judges.
  • Educators and teachers who can testify as to which parent truly is involved in the day-to-day lives of children
  • Forensic accountants who can determine business values, current and future income for child support and alimony calculations, and complex issues relating to closely-held family businesses and stock compensation matters
  • Real estate specialists who can help divorcing parties by valuing the marital home
  • Appraisers
  • Medical specialists
  • Disability experts
  • Insurance
  • Business valuation experts

We sometimes refer to ourselves as a “brain trust” because of our ability to find exactly the right person to strengthen a client’s case. If it is important to document how your ex hid assets from you or that he or she is frequently under the influence of drugs, we know what to do.

If something arises that is not covered by these experts, we know how to find additional specialists who will strengthen your case. Once we become your Massachusetts divorce lawyers, we have the know-how and determination to see the case through, however complicated it becomes. Having the right experts is a key part of our strategy.

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We are sometimes called, “the most sought-after family lawyers in Massachusetts.” If you would like to learn more about us, give us a call. Contact us toll free 800-851-7724 or complete our online form to schedule a free consultation at any of our local offices.


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