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Tenacious is the word best used to describe Attorney C. Eric Mercer, an accomplished attorney who has represented scores of clients ranging from large businesses to individual men and women over the past three decades. Most recently, his practice has concentrated on divorce and family law, including cases involving members of the military and same-sex households. Some of his recent cases include:

  • Helping an unwed father obtain sole custody of his newborn daughter
  • Assisting a woman who is in the service fend off a challenge from her ex when he tried to block her from taking their children with her to Turkey
  • Successfully defending another service member charged with domestic violence, resulting in the charges being dismissed and him being awarded custody of the child
  • Using Alternative Dispute Resolution to divide an estate valued at more than $1 million between a same-sex couple who had never married

Attorney Mercer thrives on being able to help clients achieve their goals through negotiation when possible and litigation when necessary. He draws on the skills he learned representing big business to help individuals obtain successful outcomes with their legal matters, especially when it comes to issues of divorce and family law, including child custody and support, alimony, modifications, contempt actions and allegations of domestic violence.

Given his background as a serviceman in the U.S. Army before becoming an attorney, Attorney Mercer also is uniquely positioned to represent members of the military and their families in divorce and family law matters. He not only has personal experience with members of the military and their families, but also knows the special rules and circumstances that apply when it comes to identifying the proper jurisdiction, serving members of the military deployed overseas and dividing military pensions.

In addition, Attorney Mercer is skilled at Alternative Dispute Resolution, which can help clients avoid the time, expense and emotional toll of a prolonged courtroom battle. He prides himself on being able to efficiently and effectively resolve many issues at the negotiating table. However, he also is ready and willing to fight for his clients in the courtroom when necessary. He is known for his passionate advocacy and masterful litigation strategies and techniques.

These are among the reasons Attorney Mercer is an excellent choice when it comes to handling your divorce and family law needs.

Attorney C. Eric Mercer earned his undergraduate and law degrees from Brigham Young University. He is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts.

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