Step-by-Step Divorce Process

Massachusetts Marriage Dissolution Attorneys

Divorce can be a stressful and intimidating experience, especially if you have children and are not sure how the process will affect your relationships with them.

At Law Group, P.C., our divorce lawyers and family law attorneys work with you to develop customized strategies for every aspect of the divorce process in order to help you accomplish your goals.

Representing You at Every Stage of Divorce Litigation Throughout Massachusetts

The divorce online process may involve some or all of the following steps, depending on your situation:

Pre-divorce planning: If you are concerned that your marriage may end in divorce, consulting a lawyer early in the process can help you protect your interests.

Temporary orders: Whether you are filing a new paternity or divorce complaint, a Complaint for Modification or Contempt, one of the first issues may be filing motions for temporary orders to address issues like child support, alimony, or out-of-state moves with the children.

Discovery: Once a case is filed, each side will have an opportunity to investigate any relevant facts. Our legal team is very thorough during this phase of a case. We are known for assembling our own "Discovery SWAT Teams" when it comes to property division and questions of under-employment, hidden assets and unreported income.

Resolution: Any case can be resolved through negotiation or litigation. We help our clients adopt a strategy with an eye toward approaching their legal matters like a business. This approach not only reduces stress and but it also helps clients focus on the future.

Our Massachusetts Attorneys Level the Playing Field

The contested divorce attorneys at Law Group, P.C. have spent many years focused on aggressive courtroom litigation of divorce and family law matters. As a group, our team has handled well over a thousand cases. No client is ever too small and no case is ever too large or complex.

If you want to interview different attorneys, come watch us in court. Talk to our clients. Read our testimonials. You'll hear it for yourself. We get results for those who put their faith in us.

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