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Frequently Overlooked Parenting Issues in Divorce

divorce angry couple.jpgWhen you are in the final stages of hammering out a divorce agreement with your former spouse, one of the most dangerous things you can do is settle on parenting issues on the courtroom steps - especially at the very last minute, right before seeing the judge.

When proposals are hastily scribbled on legal pads or in the margins of an already-drafted agreement, mistakes can happen. In the rush and with the pressure of courtroom drama, it is easy to overlook some important issues. For example, you may not have made provisions for telephone contact with your children when they're not with you, or access to certain records, such as report cards and medical reports. Failure to deal with such issues can make your life, and that of your children, more difficult in the future.

Here are some of the commonly overlooked issues that you should address in your agreement:

--Regular and reasonable telephone, email, texting, and social media channel contact with the child
--Allowing exchange of unopened and uncensored mail between parent and child
--Prompt notice of hospitalization, major illness, or irregular health issues related to the child
--Access to school and medical records
--No derogatory remarks by either parent in the presence of the children
--Notice of, participation in and parental cooperation with extracurricular activities
--Itinerary and contact information when the other parent travels with the children
--Notice of and access to parent-child activities in school or other activities

    Depending on your specific situation, there may be other issues that you won't want to overlook. An experienced divorce and family law attorney can help you.

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