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If you need a divorce lawyer who is a "whiz with numbers," Attorney Irena Inman is the one to get. She has a particular skill when it comes to complicated family law matters and the division of marital assets, including stock options, pension plans, investments and business interests for high-net-worth individuals.

Attorney Inman excels at representing both male and female clients, especially those involved in contentious divorces. She zealously advocates for her clients, both in and out of court. She also is skilled at flushing out hidden assets through her mathematical mind and familiarity with financial information.

Her experience and skill make her a top choice for anyone facing a complicated divorce or family law matter – from divorce and child custody to support, alimony, modifications and other aspects of domestic relations, including fathers' rights. She also tackles personal injury and estate planning matters, from seeking damages after car accidents to helping individuals establish power of attorney.

Peers respect Attorney Inman for her client advocacy, and they praise her ability to identify creative solutions to complex problems. Clients respect her knowledge and skill when it comes to researching, negotiating and/or litigating successful resolutions.

Attorney Inman also is focused on defending her clients' rights at all times, sorting through the emotions of a case to focus on the facts when it comes to allegations of domestic violence or parental alienation.

Whether you're involved in a complicated divorce or need assistance with other legal matters, Attorney Inman will provide efficient and effective representation.

Irena Inman graduated from Wellesley College and Suffolk University Law School. She is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts and is an active member of the Massachusetts Bar and the Federal Bar for the District of Massachusetts.

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